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MicroReaction Technology

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Published February 2007

The report presents the industry status of microreaction market, with players, their business models, products but it also describes the applications of the technology and the status of involvement of the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry in this technology.

MicroReaction Technology (MRT), a solution for process intensification, is evolving from R&D lab use to chemicals production, leading to new products and new companies’ strategies, which widen technology possibilities and increases users’ number.

The change of paradigm from batch production to continuous flow is occurring. Indeed, 20 to 30 chemical plants are now running with microstructured elements. Large chemical and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly considering MRT as a process intensification solution to solve some of their current processing problems for lab research and debottlenecking production.

The current market for microreaction products is low, but exponential potential is forecasted in the coming years, provided that proof of technical and economical efficiency drives the change of paradigm.

Currently, microreaction modules sold as stand-alone modules account for 50% of the market, the other half being the sale of integrated systems. Fine & specialty chemicals businesses represent the largest part of MRT market which is today at its beginning. The wider use of MRT is going behind fine & specialty chemicals frontiers to pharmaceuticals, commodity chemicals and petrochemicals. Major MRT players as the Institute fur Mikrotechnik Mainz (IMM) and its spin-offs CPC, Mikroglas, Ehrfeld BTS, but also Syrris and Velocys are ever gaining new customers. However, new players are entering the market presenting new offers.

Who should buy the report:
• Executives of companies active in the development of microreaction products or assessing their entry in this field

• Executives of engineering companies, that could broaden their process intensification offer with microreaction

• R&D managers or Production leaders of chemical companies, that want to discover a new technology (products, players, market)

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