IBC’s 5th Annual International Conference - Anti-Angiogenesis, Boston, MA, USA

Monday, November 12, 2007 - Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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The 5th Anti-angiogenesis conference is aimed to update attendees on new drugs and to better describe what makes an efficacious anti-angiogenic drug.

The conference will also cover how anti-angiogenic drugs fit into the realm of anti-vascular modalities, understand why and what it takes to improve anti-angiogenic drug activity through combination strategies and appropriate drug delivery, and to learn how to follow activity of anti-angiogenic drugs through measurement and validity of biomarkers.

Drug companies, academic groups and contract research industries will benefit from this conference by meeting key industries and opinion leaders in an opportune environment for networking, establishing meaningful relationships and learning from the presenters in a workable attendee group number.

For more information at to register, visit www.IBCLifeSciences.com/Antiangio

Further Information: http://www.ibclifesciences.com/antiangio/index.xml?registration=D4204TNB