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Managing Worldwide Compound Delivery with Tecan REMP Automated Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems

Date Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2007

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At Boehringer Ingelheim’s principal research site in Biberach, Germany, the Screening Support group relies on REMP automated sample storage and retrieval systems to provide compound management services for the company’s high throughput screening laboratories worldwide.

Dr Gerhard Mihm, head of the Screening Support group, explained: “Over the years, the number of compounds to be managed has increased tremendously, and we rely heavily on our REMP sample storage systems; with over 800,000 compounds in our collection, our service would not be possible without this technology.

There are only six of us in the group, so it is essential that all of our processes are highly streamlined and very efficient. REMP provides rapid service and maintenance, and the excellent relationship we have developed with the people at REMP is a major benefit too.”

Dr Mihm continued: “Our automated REMP systems include stores for solid samples, a -20 ºC store for compound solutions using REMP 96 and 384 Tube Technology™ consumables and automated cherry picking functions, a plate store at -20 ºC, as well as an expansion of our vial store to accommodate another 250,000 vials.”

The group also depends on several REMP workstations for automated copying of plates, weighing of solid compounds, preparing stock DMSO solutions and generating 96-well mother plates.

Further Information: http://www.tecan.com

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