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Effortless Liquid Handling with Sample Management from Tecan

Date Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Tecan has integrated the REMP Small-Size Store™ (SSS) with the Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation, creating a fully automated liquid handling and sample management platform.

The REMP SSS fully automated storage and retrieval system can handle samples in a variety of formats, including microplates and REMP Tube Technology™ consumables, and fits into any research laboratory. Integration of the SSS with the Freedom EVO and Freedom EVOware® allows walk-away operation for sample retrieval and processing steps.

The chosen samples are cherry picked within the store’s controlled environment, transferred to the Freedom EVO workstation using an integrated plate shuttle, decapped using the ACD 96 and processed as required.

After processing, the samples are capped and returned to storage. This combination of sample storage and processing minimizes the time that samples are exposed to the environment and increases process security.

Sample volumes, concentrations and identification numbers can be fully tracked within the software, and data handling is perfectly integrated, making this platform ideal for compound dissolution and reformatting factories, or genomic sample factories.

Further Information: http://www.tecan.com

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