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Safety Spectacle Dispensers from LABSTRACT

Date Posted: Monday, July 02, 2007

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LABSTRACT LTD has introduced EYE-CON and EYE-CON PLUS, its new
range of safety spectacle dispensers.

The EYE-CON and EYE-CON PLUS allow easy access to safety spectaclesfor both laboratory staff and visitors. Made from robust acrylic, the simple ‘lift up and out’ design prevents damage to spectacles through loading or by accidental release.

The new range features three main colours, however the dispensers are also
available in over 50 colours in a transparent, translucent or opaque finish.

Dr Suki Klair, Managing Director commented: “We are delighted to launch our new range of stylish and affordable safety spectacle dispensers. The prelaunch trials at various biotech companies in the Cambridge area have been an enormous success”.

Dr Klair continued: “We believe that with increasing emphasis being placed on the use of personal protective equipment in laboratory environments, not only for scientists but also for lab visitors, the EYE-CON and EYE-CON PLUS will play an important role in laboratory safety”.

Further Information: http://www.labstract.co.uk

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