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Quantum Genomics Signs Agreement with Inserm, CNRS and University Paris Descartes

Date Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007

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Quantum Genomics Corp. (QGC) has announced partnership agreements with Inserm, the French national institute for health and medical research and the CNRS, France's national center for scientific research, and University Paris Descartes.

The agreement brings together some of the best scientific skills in the field of cardiovascular diseases from two life science research organizations and a university along with biotechnology business experience from QGC, to successfully co-develop innovative drugs.

The agreement covers a lead molecule derived from discoveries by teams led respectively by Dr Catherine Llorens-Cortes, director of Inserm Unit 691, based in the Collège de France and by Prof. Bernard P. Roques at Inserm Unit 640, itself based in the University of Paris Descartes.

The purpose of the agreement is to co-develop innovative drugs for hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases. Under the terms of the contract, QGC acquires rights to exploit three patents and associated know-how. Inserm and CNRS will work on the physiopathology, chemistry and the understanding of the compound's mechanism of action, whereas QGC will handle preclinical and clinical development and regulatory aspects.

The first lead molecule to be developed will be QGC001, a new chemical entity. This compound acts according to a biological mechanism with a huge potential to facilitate control of blood pressure in patients who are resistant to currently available anti-hypertension drugs. QGC expects to start the first clinical trial in humans in 2008.

"This partnership with QGC gives us an excellent opportunity to accelerate the pre-clinical and clinical development of a project based on work carried out in our labs in close cooperation with Bernard Roques' team," said Catherine Llorens Cortes, director of Inserm Unit 691.

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