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Innovative Heating Block for Larger Scale Reactions ..

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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For chemistry laboratories looking to phase out the use of oil baths or heating mantles for larger scale reactions - Radleys (www.radleys.com) has extended its Heat-On heating block range to accommodate round-bottomed flasks up to 5 litres.

Using an oil bath for heating reactions has inherent safety issues (spills, burns, fires, cleaning, disposal etc) relating to the large volumes of hot oil that are required. Similarly localised hot spots, burning and scorching of flask contents are well-documented problems associated with using a heating mantle.

Designed to operate with all makes of leading stirring hotplate, Heat-On blocks enable safe and clean heating of round-bottomed flasks from 10ml to 5 litres. Unlike other commercially available heating blocks - Heat-On features a unique well shape that both maximises heating efficiency and avoids the cracking of flasks due to differential expansion during cooling.

The Heat-On range is a modular system that can be easily tailored to customers needs. As your laboratory requirements change and grow - unnecessary duplication of parts is kept to a minimum.

All Heat-On blocks come coated with a special fluoropolymer coating that resists a wide range of chemicals, aids cleaning, improves heating and provides durability for enhanced product life. Heat-On blocks have a probe hole for use with a separate temperature probe. Optional safety lifting handles allow the user to remove the block while it remains hot.

For further information on Heat-On blocks for larger scale reactions please contact Radleys on email sales@radleys.co.uk or by telephone +44-1799-513320.

Further Information: http://www.radleys.com

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