Flexible Controlled Lab Reactor System from Asynt

Date Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Asynt has released the ReactoMate, a laboratory reaction system that is available in standard configurations or can be fully customised to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Announcing the new product, Asynt MD Martyn Fordham said: “We became aware of a real need for a CLR (Controlled Lab Reactor) system with the flexibility to meet users’ specific needs, but at a sensible price. Using the 35 years combined experience in the Asynt technical team and our access to the best technologies in laboratory synthesis, we have put together a highly competent yet competitively priced package that will handle all reaction volumes from 10ml to 30litres under precisely controlled conditions”

ReactoMate displays all the key features desirable in a CLR – precise control of reaction variables, a powerful direct drive overhead stirrer, visibility (the outer vacuum jacket option prevents ice formation at sub-ambient temperatures), quick release fittings for vessel change, and the ability to operate under vacuum or an inert atmosphere. Comprehensive data logging facilities are also available for reaction variables.

Further Information: http://www.asynt.com

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