deCODE Chemistry Initiates Chemical Development Collaboration with PolyMedix

Date Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2007

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deCODE chemistry has initiated a new chemical development service collaboration with PolyMedix, Inc.

Under the terms of the collaboration, deCODE’s process chemistry team will develop scalable synthetic routes for a number of products in PolyMedix’s pre-clinical pipeline. Following optimization of these production routes, deCODE will prepare larger-scale quantities of the compounds for pre-clinical development activities. These research activities build upon a successful process research program that was conducted by deCODE for PolyMedix under an earlier collaboration.

“We are very happy to be able to build upon the initial work we performed for PolyMedix, and enter into this broader collaborative relationship,” said Dr. David Zembower, Vice President of Chemistry at deCODE. “Our goal under this expanded collaboration is to help PolyMedix advance their compounds through the pre-clinical development pathway in the most efficient, economical manner possible.”

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