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Developing and producing microscale bench top flow reactors ( microreactors) and other linked instruments for chemistry, developing novel technologies and products for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies from all over the world.

ThalesNano Nanotechnology, Inc. (founded in 2002) with subsidiaries in the US (Princeton, NJ, and San Diego, CA) and in the UK.

ThalesNano is specialized in developing and providing microscale flow desktop microreactors for chemistry, by exploiting benefits of combining microfluidics, mesofluidics and nanotechnology with flow chemistry.

The company is widely recognized for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to microscale continuous-flow operations and developing manual or robotic continuous microreactors for the chemical industry. The company provides instruments and solutions for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world.

ThalesNano is offering different microreactors focusing on hydrogenation, and organic chemistry up to triphase reactions.

ThalesNano is a technology-intensive company whose results are strictly founded on its own R&D activities, which directly realize the company’s goals along with newer and newer innovative endeavors.

The most important development, H-Cube hydrogenation reactor by ThalesNano has been awarded the R&D 100 Award 2005 by R&D Magazine and the Hungarian Industry Innovation Prize 2005.

Besides serving its clients, ThalesNano developed research collaborations with a large number of universities worldwide (University of Cambridge, UK; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; University of Tokyo, Japan; Pannon University, University of Technology and Economics, University of Szeged, Hungary; etc.) and has expertise in developing novel technologies and products for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Further Information: http://www.thalesnano.com

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