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2nd International Symposium on Proteomic, Combinatorial & Other Methods for Drug Discovery, Development & Delivery - Complementary Vaccine Strategies - Norwich, England, UK

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - Saturday, September 01, 2007

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Drug candidates to include small molecule organics, peptides and proteins, nucleic acids and PNA, antisense assemblies. The symposium will also focus on drug design for efficient delivery, drug assemblies and conjugates and complementary vaccine strategies.

The objectives of the Symposium are as follows:-
To promote the potential of proteomic, combinatorial and design-based
non-classical synthesis methodology to contribute generally to the
solution of problems in drug discovery, drug development and
optimization, delivery, etc. and in other problems relevant to the
therapeutic sciences.

To review critically-selected synthesized small molecule organics,
peptides and proteins, nucleic acids and PNA, antisense assemblies,
mimetics, etc. as potentially realistic drug candidates and to consider
strategies for future developments.

To review strategies for drug delivery particularly those requiring the
design and synthesis of tailor-made conjugates and assemblies.

To consider synthesis-based assemblies as potential candidates for
emergent vaccine strategies.

The detailed Symposium Lecture Programme is under development. The final
programmes will be displayed on the Symposium Web Site (see below) in
the weeks leading up to the Symposium. It will include Keynote, Invited
and Contributed Lectures.

Abstract Submission: Contributed lectures, oral and poster abstracts are welcome.

Further Information: