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IDBS Launches ActivityBase XE v7.0 for Screening Data Management

Date Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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IDBS has announced the launch of ActivityBase Xtended Edition (ActivityBase XE) v7.0, which is set to advance screening capabilities.

The latest release of ActivityBase XE, already established as a complete screening solution, includes support for complex assay types (e.g. multiplexing and HCS), extending ActivityBase XE’s applicability across the discovery process.

The release of this latest module for ActivityBase offers screening scientists a single environment for data capture, visualization, verification, quality control and storage. Using ActivityBase XE, users can identify and fix potential issues in the data in a quick and efficient manner.

Suspect data detection provides a transparent and comprehensive means of identifying systematic errors with a screening run. ActivityBase XE’s open architecture enables the inclusion of the user’s own error detection algorithms, as well as the integration of in-house visualizations, fit models and mathematic formulae.

Mr. Neil Kipling, Chairman and CEO of IDBS, said, “Modern screening technologies are becoming more and more complex, producing orders of magnitude more data than previous generation techniques.

With more data comes a greater problem with data handling, analysis and visualization. Much of the data needs to be analyzed both dependently and independently in order to create a complete view of the results. Our software aims to address these very real issues.”

Using the multiple curve fitting functionality and visualization tools in the ActivityBase suite, researchers can view data from many different perspectives. By creating a more complete view of the data, ActivityBase XE allows users to identify patterns and trends in results that may not have otherwise been visible.

Further Information: http://www.idbs.com

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