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Astech Projects Launch the Astech Automation Challenge

Date Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2007

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Astech Projects have launched the Astech Automation Challenge which invites companies to present a difficult automation problem for them to solve.

The brainchild of Astech’s founder, Paul Norris, the Astech Automation Challenge, is an extension of what Astech have been doing successfully, but quietly, for many years. “We are already working with the top four pharma companies on a number of thorny automation projects covering all stages of the research to manufacturing process” said Norris.

“What we’ve found is that often we’re invited to work on a project where the companies have already tried and failed to get the automation to work properly whether using internal or external teams. So everyone’s particularly happy when Astech provide a solution that works well. The Astech Automation Challenge is just an extension of this work.”

Developing the right concept for each automation project is the key to successful implementation, and this is where Astech shine. An experienced team of mechanical design engineers, software developers and project managers work closely with the customer from the start to review a range of possible concepts, selecting the most advantageous for further development and Proof of Concept (PoC) trials where necessary.

Astech call this process ‘Optioneering’ and it means that Astech’s engineering team are then able to build a system that fully meets and often exceeds the customer’s specific requirements.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what comes up” said Norris. “Bring on the challenge!”

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