Porvair Sciences Introduce Long Wavelength UV Plates for Biomedical Screening Assays

Date Posted: Monday, April 16, 2007

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Porvair Sciences has introduced a range of clear-bottomed microplates designed to offer long wavelength UV region.

Krystal-UV plates are available in 24-, 96- and 384- well formats, in black or white ultra pure grade polystyrene, and can offer photometric performance down to 325nm (80%T at 325nm, 100%T at 335nm).

Wavelengths below 350nm are particularly useful for a variety of fluorescence assays such as HNK-1 (Fluorescence EM 325nm, EX 380nm), Thioguanine (EX 330nm, EM 410nm) using black Krystal-UV plates, as well as many absorbance assays including Vitamin A (325nm), retinol and retinyl acetate (325nm), caspase (325nm), acid phosphatase (330nm) and hydroxyproline (335nm) using white Krystal-UV plates.

All Krystal-UV plates are manufactured to very high tolerance for flatness and adherence to the SBS/ANSI standards, making them ideal for use with automated liquid handling, photometric readers and robotic handling devices.

With a wide choice of designs and formats the Krystal clear-bottomed plate range can offer an optimised microplate to suit almost any photometric and cell counting application.

The addition of the Krystal-UV plate range offering enhanced long wavelength UV performance opens the door to a suite of biomedical screening assays.

Further Information: http://www.porvair-sciences.com

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