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Asynt Introduces Heidolph Synthesis 1 for Parallel Solid and Liquid Phase Synthesis

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Asynt Ltd. has introduced the Heidolph Synthesis 1 that allows both solid and liquid phase reactions to be run and evaporated on one basic unit of equipment.

Of particular interest will be the system’s ability to handle heterogeneous and solid phase reactions. All the transparent reaction vessels are mounted around the circumference of the heating block, so the user enjoys exceptional sample visibility and access. Mixing is achieved by frequency controlled shaking at speeds from 100 to 1000rpm.

With heterogeneous samples this has been shown to be effective than magnetic stirring, exhibiting fewer scale-up effects. Reaction vessels from transparent PTFE and PFA are available combining exceptional chemical resistance with non-stick properties that prevent adherence of sample or resin to the tube wall.

Up to 24 reaction vessels can be accommodated in 4 heating zones, each with its own independent temperature control - ideal for evaporating or refluxing solvents with different boiling points. Reaction volumes range from 8 ml to 50ml.

A central connection for vacuum and inert gas supply facilitates running reactions under inert atmosphere. Direct, in-vessel sample temperature feedback from each zone ensures accurate temperature control to ±1°C. Up to 4 programmable temperature ramps can be applied to each zone over the unit’s temperature range, from -80°C (with external chiller) to +160°C. The integral process timer can allow unattended operation.

Further Information: http://www.asynt.com

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