Discovery Partners International and Chroma Therapeutics Enter Research Collaboration

Date Posted: Thursday, April 05, 2007

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Discovery Partners International, Inc. and Chroma Therapeutics Ltd announced that they have entered into a collaboration focused on the discovery of potential new lead compounds against several selected targets. Chroma will provide the targets and DPI will use its comprehensive compound collection and its proprietary discovery processes and data management tools to identify potential lead compounds or potential lead series. Financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased that Chroma Therapeutics has chosen to collaborate with Discovery Partners to find new leads for their targets," stated Riccardo Pigliucci, CEO for Discovery Partners.

"Our integrated drug discovery capabilities allow our partners to access a wide range of novel assay and screening technologies, as well as expertise that is applied to our large collection of proprietary compounds, increasing the likelihood of identifying promising new drug leads in a cost effective manner."

Ian Nicholson, CEO of Chroma Therapeutics, said: "Discovery Partners has impressed us with their track record in successfully screening against a diverse range of targets. The combination of their professional approach along with their extensive collection of drug-like leads provides us with confidence that we will rapidly identify novel new potential leads against our therapeutic targets."

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