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MA 02155
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Anthill offers a full range of solutions in chemistry for the life sciences and industrial markets. Our fully integrated chemistry capabilities include custom synthesis, natural product stream separations, rapid parallel synthesis for hit-to-lead follow-up and lead optimization, process development and GLP/GMP scale-up services. At Anthill, we have experienced medicinal, synthetic and process chemists utilizing our Applied Chemistry Operating System (ACOST) for discovery chemistry. In addition to strong synthetic capabilities, Anthill has developed and reduced to practice novel separations processes and instrumentation. This combination of strong synthetic skills and proprietary, integrated separations capabilities provides rapid access to both biologically and industrially interesting chemical compositions. Anthill sells components of its proprietary ACOST Networked Technology Platform. These tools can be used stand-alone as personal producivity tools, or as part of a larger networked system. We are a customer focused organization. Our focused approach ensures rapid, flexible, customer-oriented results. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully manage complex scientific projects.

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