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Automation Software for Walk-Away Hydrogenation

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Aitken Scientific have concluded an agreement for ThalesNano to licence bespoke software for its recently launched H-Cube™ Autosampler system. Aitken Scientific were approached to develop the software as a result of their reputation for creating client partnerships with a wide range of science and technology companies.

By integrating the standalone H-Cube hydrogenation reactor with a Gilson GX-271 liquid handler, the H-Sampler software automates hydrogenation reactions for high throughput synthesis of compound libraries in pharmaceutical development.

The wizard-driven software can provide an easy to use interface, which now can allow up to 100 samples to be processed a day at different temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. With automated sample injection and fraction collection the entire sequence can be left unattended and supervised by the software.

Existing users of the H-Cube reactor can readily expand their system by adding the liquid handler and fully supported H-Sampler software.

Aitken Scientific’s expertise in software design combined with ThalesNano’s technology and Gilson’s liquid handling instrumentation has produced an automated hydrogenation platform.

The result of streamlining and simplifying this complex process now can allow hydrogenation to be integrated as the final step in automated compound library synthesis along with reaction optimisation and catalyst screening.

Further Information: http://www.aitken-sci.com