Automated Benchtop Systems for Microplate Management

Date Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2007

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Velocity11 has developed a suite of standalone benchtop systems for automated plate handling, sealing, piercing, storage, centrifugation and bar code printing.

The BenchCel® Microplate Handling System is a robust, versatile, high speed, ultra compact plate handler that can access up to three peripheral instruments.

The PlatePierce™ Seal Piercing Station pierces a wide variety of seals on 96 or 384 well microplates in only 4 seconds of cycle time. Specially designed piercing pins can guarantee a clean, controlled puncture on every plate with a penetration depth of 3 mm, even with deep well plates.

Velocity11's automated VStack® Microplate Stacker is a device for dispensing and receiving microplates from robotic systems. A modular stacker, the VStack Stacker can provide the compact size and speed demanded by automated systems.

The automated VSpin® Microplate Centrifuge is a small robotic-accessible automated centrifuge. It can provide vibration and noise control in a small, low maintenance package. Ideal for high or medium throughput applications, the VSpin Centrifuge features a dual position design to accommodate two standard microplates at a time.

Bar code label application is easily automated with the VCode® Barcode Print and Apply Station. The VCode Station applies bar code labels to any or all four sides of a microplate and provides the flexibility to create custom labels.

Velocity11 is able to integrate standalone systems into flexible, high performance workstations, all controlled by the highly flexible VWorks™ Automation Control software. To perform simple repetitive tasks on batches of microplates such as plate sealing and barcode printing - Velocity11 offers a range of small workstations.

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