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Evotec's expertise in medicinal chemistry has enabled it to carry out more than 200 collaborations with leading Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. Evotec has a broad therapeutic knowledge and as a result our scientists are named inventors on more than 100 medicinal chemistry patent applications encompassing many therapeutic areas and a variety of target classes including kinases, GPCR's and ion channels.

Skills & Expertise:
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY Expertise in de novo X-ray crystallographic structure elucidation facilitating novel structural information for rational compound design Routine and effective delivery of atomic structure information of bound ligands to drug targets, maximising the efficiency of synthetic chemistry through structure-driven drug discovery

TARGET CLASS EXPERTISE Significant biology and chemistry expertise in all major target classes resulting in more than 100 patent applications with Evotec scientists as named inventors Efficient and successful drug discovery via an unrivalled range of solutions from ligand design to delivery of clinical candidates

HIT-TO-LEAD & LEAD OPTIMISATION Hit to lead projects conducted in a rigorous and efficient manner, involving hit-confirmation and validation followed by rapid optimisation Highly skilled and experienced medicinal chemists making use of a hypothesis-driven, multiparameter approach to lead optimisation

COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY Computational and medicinal chemists working closely together applying ligand and structure-based methods, ensuring the effective design of new analogues based on existing or alternative scaffolds

QSAR and in silico ADMET models developed for each project and used in our hypothesis-driven, multiparameter optimisation process

PHARMACOKINETICS Comprehensive range of high quality in vitro ADMET assays used to reduce the attrition rate within preclinical and clinical testing. Integration of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information to accelerate lead optimisation programmes for all target classes

PRIMARY & SECONDARY SCREENING SUPPORT Experienced teams of biologists and medicinal chemists working together, enabling the efficient generation, analysis and optimisation of SAR information Selectivity and functional assays to maximise SAR information and ensure rapid progression of your programme.

Further Information: http://www.evotec.com