New e-Learning program: Introduction to Qualitative & Quantitative HPLC Analysis

Date Posted: Friday, February 02, 2007

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Academy Savant's first series of e-Learning programs that introduce the field of HPLC to newcomers is now completed with the publication of the 5th module: “Introduction to Qualitative & Quantitative HPLC Analysis”.

The authors are Dr. John Dolan, who writes the HPLC Troubleshooting column in LCGC Magazine, and Dr. Dennis Saunders, the creator of previous versions of Savant’s computer-based HPLC and GC training programs.

This module builds on the concepts of qualitative and quantitative analysis that were briefly introduced in the previous module. Several techniques for identifying and confirming the identity of peaks are presented.

The steps leading to determination of component concentration are discussed, including separation optimization, peak measurement and method validation.

Building on the best features of the earlier versions, such as the use of interactive animations and simulations to explain and illustrate HPLC, the program features a modernized interface, narration, an assessment quiz with automatic scoring and revision hyperlinks, a glossary and bibliography.

The customization capability on the CD edition can enable instructors to augment the basic content.

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