Screening Solution: ActivityBase™

Jonathan Davies and Andrew English, IDBS

Date Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2007

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The data management needs of discovery biology are complex and varied. The experimental data that is captured, stored and analyzed ranges from high volume, routine screening data through to low throughput, non-routine test management data that underpins pre-clinical research. ActivityBase™ is a data management system that integrates research data in a structured and scalable environment, providing secure management of a discovery organization’s principle asset – data.

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In this poster, we present IDBS’ ActivityBase™ - a single, integrated framework that brings together biological and chemical information. The software integrates with Oracle®, the industry standard relational database and familiar Microsoft® applications such as Word and Excel. With all discovery data in one system, the communication of information between scientists is simplified - enabling better, faster decisions and the need for IT support to integrate disparate systems is eliminated.

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University of Louis Pasteur Chose IDBS to show in Silico Predictive Technology
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