Analysis of Analytes in a Biological Matrix

Date Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Porvair Sciences Ltd has announced the availability of its Microlute™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) system for analysis of pharmaceutical compounds in biological fluids.

The Company claims that using the Microlute™ with low sorbent bed mass SPE wells - analytes ranging in chemical nature from highly lipophilic steroids to water-soluble nucleoside analogues were analysed.

The application note describes how the SPE, prime wash and elution volumes stages of sample preparation are reduced using the Microlute™ allowing fast sample processing and increased method sensitivity.

The application note further shows that the individual well capacity of the low sorbent mass phases used in the Microlute™ are more for robust and reproducible analysis of pharmaceutical drug metabolites in the low ng / ml concentration region typically found in biological fluids.

Developed in conjunction with a pharmaceutical company the Microlute™ has become the benchmark for high throughput sample preparation across a range of applications.

According to Company, the design of the Microlute™ can offer all the advantages of automated and high throughput SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format capable of processing 96 samples.

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