Durable Strong Acid Resistant Evaporators

Date Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Genevac, offers a wide range of centrifugal evaporation systems designed to provide high reliability, top performance and resistance to the most common solvents and acids used within chemistry laboratories.

For laboratories that commonly use strong acid chlorides (such as Hydrochloric Acid or Thionyl Chloride), unlike other suppliers, Genevac has specifically designed special versions of its most popular systems to provide long-term resistance to these highly corrosive acids. 

Using a Genevac HCl resistant system enables chemists to evaporate high concentrations of HCl, achieving cleaner synthesis and de-protection than using other acids, such as trifluoroacetic acid.

The HCl versions of the EZ-2, HT-4X and HT-12 evaporators use inert and corrosion proof materials to enable high concentrations of hydrochloric acid and other acid chlorides to be removed without any loss of performance or long-term deterioration in the system.

These include a PTFE coated evaporation chamber, an external condenser with 316 Stainless Steel Chambers and all metallic parts coming into contact with removed solvent manufactured from highly durable and acid resistant Hasteloy C2000 alloy.  In addition each HCl system is configured with Genevac's high performance scroll pump. 

The main advantage of this reliable pump technology is that it does not require any pumping fluid or lubricant in order to operate. This makes the EZ-2 HCl, HT-4X HCl and HT-12 HCl systems ideal for use in harsh environments where corrosive or volatile solvents are frequently used.

Genevac HCl resistant systems should be used in conjunction with suitable vapour handling and/or neutralising apparatus. 

Further Information: http://www.genevac.co.uk

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