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Life Chemicals Inc

2477 Glenwood School Drive
Suite 203
L7R 3R9

Tel: +1 905 634 5212
Fax: +1 905 634 4719
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Life Chemicals Inc. (formerly I.F. Lab Ltd.), situated in Burlington, Canada, specializes in state-of-the-art organic synthesis for high-throughput screening. Established in 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine, the Company was launched as a private small business and rapidly expanded to become one of internationally recognized producers and suppliers of HTS compounds and related services.

Life Chemicals is proud to celebrate its 10 year anniversary and maintain its leadership status by integrating cutting-edge chemical knowledge with innovative technology. Of special significance is the fact that the Company is among the few exporters of Ukrainian high-tech products.

Life Chemicals employs the skills, talents, and dedicated research abilities of more than 90 professionals to perform its services and produces original organic compounds for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, and agrochemical applications.

In addition to in-house production Life Chemicals also takes advantage of its co-operation with 14 leading research organizations and universities of Ukraine.

Life Chemicals provides the following range of products and services:

- Drug-like and lead-like compounds for high-throughput screening;
- Carefully designed targeted libraries (Kinase, Protease, NHR, IC and GPCR);
- Core building blocks;
- Custom synthesis projects.

All compounds provided by Life Chemicals are at least 90 % pure, with their characteristics being described by NMR or LC-MS. Analytical information can be given to the customer upon request.

The Collection is available both as ISIS base db and sdf files. Any selection approaches, including just singular compounds, cherry picking or blanket orders, can be applied. We can also perform pre-selection according to particular criteria specified by the customer. To best support our customers’ on-going projects re-synthesis and 90 % re-supply are guaranteed.

Life Chemicals provides any compound formats, transportation safe packing and courier mail delivery of its products.

The main office of Life Chemicals is located in Burlington, Canada, and its European Office is in Braunschweig, Germany. The production site is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Operating worldwide, we sell our products and services to more than 200 customers.

Keeping pace with market demands, Life Chemicals does offer very competitive products and prices to enable our customers to make and enjoy the best choice.

Fostering the Company's growth and development, its management pays special attention to expanding and up-grading production, enhancing quality control, modernizing facilities and equipment to obtain first-class products.

For more information please contact us at:
Life Chemicals, Inc.
2477 Glenwood School Drive, Suite 203
Burlington, ON, L7R 3R9, Canada
Phone: 1 905 634 5212
Fax: 1 905 634 4719

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