Elsevier MDL Releases Enhanced MDL® Notebook 2.0

Date Posted: Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Elsevier MDL has announced the release of a substantially enhanced version of MDL® Notebook, its electronic laboratory notebook (ELN).

Built on the MDL® Isentris system, MDL Notebook supports a broad range of chemistry experiments from the single-step synthesis of discrete molecules to multi-step synthesis and complex parallel chemistry experiments.
"Efficient data capture and integration are increasingly critical in the research and development of new chemical entities," said Dr. Trevor Heritage, senior vice president and chief scientific officer at Elsevier MDL.

"By enabling scientists to build searchable experimental repositories quickly and easily, and share information in a straightforward manner, the latest release of MDL Notebook lets scientists work smarter, not harder, in an advanced e-R&D; environment."

"It is a major step in the development of an ELN optimized for chemistry workflows in the short term that will ultimately be suitable for biologists too."
MDL Notebook integrates smoothly with the critical laboratory systems, workflow applications and content sources chemists use every day, including the MDL® Available Chemicals Directory sourcing database, the MDL® Logistics reagent management system, the MDL® Registration system for creating corporate compound registries and the DiscoveryGate® content platform.
Integration with DiscoveryGate is designed to enable researchers to access key data sources for investigating the synthesis and properties of target substances, including the MDL synthetic methodology and bioactivity databases, the essential Beilstein chemistry reference and EH&S; information from Elsevier MDL OHS

MDL Notebook builds a true reaction database from experiments, provides a reaction-based enumerator for parallel chemistry and supports the full range of MDL chemical representation and search features, including enhanced stereochemical representation.

Further Information: http://www.mdl.com

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