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Universitetskii pr. 26
office 4143
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (812) 428-4885
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Synthon-Lab, Ltd. is a growing chemistry-based company providing novel high-quality compounds for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Synthon-Lab offers services in the following areas: Contract Research & Development. Our R&D; service provides process development, scaling up, reaction optimization for the compounds related to novel drug metabolites, organic analytical standards, fine chemicals and others. Custom Synthesis. We can supply quantities ranging from 1 mg to 1 kg in the framework of one-step or multi-step synthesis - various synthetic precursors, intermediates and Building Blocks. Our current portfolio of Building Blocks includes more than 2500 of in-stock compounds. Screening Libraries. Synthon-Lab provides drug-like compounds for biological screening. We can prepare combinatorial libraries for your needs or supply samples from our screening collection.

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