ChemBridge Corporation and CRL Announces Collaboration with AstraZeneca

Date Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006

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ChemBridge Corporation and ChemBridge Research Laboratories, Inc. (CRL) have announced a multi-year collaboration in discovery chemistry with AstraZeneca.

In accordance with the agreement ChemBridge and CRL scientists at Moscow and San Diego research sites will work closely with AstraZeneca scientists to develop exclusive small molecule libraries enhancing AstraZeneca's global drug discovery effort.

"We are very pleased that after worldwide evaluation and due diligence AstraZeneca has selected ChemBridge and CRL as one of their chemistry partners," said Eugene Vaisberg, Chairman and CEO of ChemBridge Corporation and CRL.

"This new agreement serves as yet another confirmation of the excellent capabilities of CRL and ChemBridge in the expertise-driven area of small molecule research."

"We look forward to contributing our proven chemistry expertise to AstraZeneca's global drug discovery program."

Dr. Paul Leff, VP of Discovery Enabling Capabilities and Sciences, AstraZeneca adds, "We chose to work with ChemBridge and CRL because of their reputation and abilities in drug discovery chemistry and library synthesis."

"I am confident that we will see promising outcomes resulting from this collaboration in the area of lead generation."

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