Mettler-Toledo Chooses Liquid Pumps from KNF Flodos

Date Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006

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The Process Analytics division of Mettler-Toledo has purchased two Liquiport® liquid pumps from KNF Flodos for their machines to manufacture in-house tools in their factory.

Thomas Wurtz, system engineer at Mettler-Toledo, explained, "The machine in question has a working life of eight to ten years, with the pumps working several hours each day, providing continuous flow of liquids between different baths, so durability is a very important factor."

"We had used KNF Flodos pumps for other projects and were happy with their robustness and longevity so, when two of the four original pumps failed after just two years, we replaced them with the Liquiport pumps."

"Another useful feature is that the Liquiport pumps have electronic control of the flow rate, whereas the original pumps could only be adjusted mechanically."

"KNF Flodos was also able to modify the pumps specifically for us so that our pumps restart automatically as soon as the whole machine is started."

Mr Würtz concluded, "We will almost certainly buy more Liquiports to replace the other two original pumps in the machine. Our Liquiport pumps work brilliantly for our application."

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