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CambridgeSoft and Reel Two Introduce CambridgeSoft Patent Database

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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CambridgeSoft has announced the launch of CambridgeSoft Patent Database portal, co-developed by CambridgeSoft and Reel Two, will give users access to all the chemical compounds named in a patent, and enable them to search by structure, keyword or chemical name.

"Our customers have been asking for a patent resource that would allow them to access full-text using CambridgeSoft's industry-leading desktop and enterprise software utilizing substructure and similarity search," said Michael G. Tomasic, Chairman and CEO of CambridgeSoft.

"The CambridgeSoft Patent Database will deliver this important data using tools and interface that are familiar to the large CambridgeSoft user community and are typical of our other database offerings."

CambridgeSoft Patent Database is based on Reel Two's SureChem patent chemistry database.

Using proprietary entity extraction technology, Reel Two has indexed all the chemical names occurring in the full text of patents and then converted those names into chemical structures.

This is designed to provide users with unprecedented coverage of chemicals referenced in patent text.

CambridgeSoft Patent Database will initially provide access to US granted patents and applications. European and WO patent and application data will be added in coming months.

Further Information: http://www.cambridgesoft.com

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