Roles of Pressurized Microwave Reactors in the Development of Microwave-assisted Organic Chemistry

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Research and Markets has announced the addition of Microwaves in Organic Synthesis to their offering.

Company claims that, this two-volume reference work is the successor of the bestselling first edition.

It is the standard reference book in the field of microwave in organic synthesis. Also, it is one of Research and Markets titles in their Green Chemistry book series.

Topics range from the best equipment to nonthermal effects, from solid-support reactions to catalysis.

The addition of new chapters means this new edition has 30% more content, including such topics as ionic liquids, carbohydrate chemistry, multicomponent reactions, solid phase peptide synthesis, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. The standard reference in this booming field.

Content Titles Include:

1. Microwave: Material Interactions and Dielectric Properties, Key Ingredients for Mastery of Chemical Microwave Processes
2. Development and Design of Laboratory and Pilot Scale Reactors for
Microwave-assisted Chemistry
3. Roles of Pressurized Microwave Reactors in the Development of Microwaveassisted Organic Chemistry
4. Nonthermal Effects of Microwaves in Organic Synthesis
5. Selectivity Under the Action of Microwave Irradiation
6. Microwaves and Phase-transfer Catalysis
7. Microwaves and Ionic Liquids
8. Organic Synthesis Using Microwaves and Supported Reagents
9. Microwave-assisted Reactions on Graphite
10. Microwaves in Heterocyclic Chemistry
11. Microwaves in Cycloadditions
12. Microwave-assisted Chemistry of Carbohydrates
13. Microwave Catalysis in Organic Synthesis
14. Polymer Chemistry Under the Action of Microwave Irradiation
15. Microwave-assisted Transition Metal-catalyzed Coupling Reactions
16. Microwave-assisted Combinatorial and High-throughput Synthesis
17. Multicomponent Reactions Under Microwave Irradiation Conditions
18. Microwave-enhanced Radiochemistry
19. Microwaves in Photochemistry
20. Microwave-enhanced Solid-phase Peptide Synthesis
21. Application of Microwave Irradiation in Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube
22. Microwave-assisted Extraction of Essential Oils

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