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BioFocus DPI Lunches PrimePath™

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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BioFocus DPI has launched a drug discovery service that allows small molecules to be screened in complex biological systems using disease-relevant human primary cell-based assays.

Called ‘PrimePath’, is a novel way to assess the potential of compounds in systems that closely resemble normal physiological conditions and/or pathological disease states. 

In developing this service, BioFocus DPI complements its target-based approach to drug discovery.

PrimePath combines BioFocus DPI’s screening capabilities and expertise in developing human cell models. 

Clients will have the opportunity to screen compounds against cellular disease models that have already been developed by BioFocus DPI and are available ‘off the shelf’. 

BioFocus DPI can also work with the client to develop cellular disease models that mimic a specific disease process for a defined therapeutic area.

Commenting on the launch of the screening service, Dr. Iain James, Senior Director of Biology at BioFocus DPI’s Chesterford Park (UK) site said, "There is growing concern within the pharmaceutical industry that conventional, single-target approaches to target discovery have been less successful than expected at providing valid new drugs."

"The observation that some of the most successful drugs interact with more than one target, has encouraged us to launch a new service which allows companies to screen compounds in complex biological pathways related to disease states."

"By combining two areas of BioFocus DPI’s expertise - assay development and primary human cell models - we can perform high-throughput screens in models that closely reflect the in vivo situation."

"This approach could lead to the identification of promising drug candidates earlier and therefore reduce attrition in the later stages of drug development."

Further Information: http://www.biofocusdpi.com

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