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BioFocus DPI and Carna Biosciences Offer Kinase Profiling Services

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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BioFocus DPI has announced that it has formed an alliance with Carna Biosciences to offer a platform for the characterization of kinase inhibitors. 

This profiling technology is designed to enable identification of hit and lead molecules for kinase drug discovery.

Carna’s kinase profiling collection contains 150 active protein kinases - representing all major branches of the human kinome. 

With a turnaround time of three weeks, the kinase profiling service offered by BioFocus DPI integrates well with medicinal chemistry timelines. 

"We are pleased to add kinase profiling to our range of drug discovery services," said Dr. Bernhard Schnurr, Senior Director of Biology at BioFocus DPI’s site in Basel. 

"In reviewing existing kinase profiling technologies, both the quantity and quality of kinases in Carna’s panel stood out above its competitors’ offerings."

"The Carna kinase profiling technology will complement BioFocus DPI’s service offering to help our customers develop safe and effective therapeutics."

Further Information: http://www.biofocusdpi.com