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Peptides 2006 - New Applications in Discovery, Manufacturing, and Therapeutics

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By purchasing this report you will learn about critical issues in this space such as:

• Advances made in peptides discovery
• Therapeutic potential of peptides in multiple diseases
• New peptides introduced to market
• Issues in peptides delivery
• Key players in peptide manufacturing, formulations and research
• Past and future growth in multiple peptide segments
• Challenges and obstacles in developing peptides

D&MD’s Peptides 2006 analyzes the current peptide market. It features an analysis of therapeutic peptide products in multiple disease indications, as well as an up to date overview of key patent issues in this space. Numerous peptide therapeutic companies are profiled and details of their specialization, capabilities, and services are provided. The Report offers multiple experts’ opinion on current application and issues related to peptides. Results from an analysis of a proprietary survey conducted on current issues in peptides are a key component of this report as well.

Here is a look at the Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary
2. Peptide Types
- Natural peptides
- Comparison of peptides, antibodies, and small molecules
3. Applications of peptides in research
4. Peptide Delivery
5. Peptide Manufacturing
- Trends and issues
6. Peptides in the News
7. Peptide Survey Analysis
8. Peptide Products
9. Expert Opinions
10. Peptides: Marketing Profile and Analysis
11. Patent Analysis
12. Profiled Companies
13. Literature

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