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Research and Markets Announces Report Focuses on two key Pharmaceutical Target Classes-GPCRs and Ion Channels

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Ion Channels and G Protein-coupled Receptors Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis" to their offering.

This report focuses on two key pharmaceutical target classes-GPCRs and Ion Channels. GPCRs and Ion Channels are important targets.

They are associated with a number of disease areas and are currently associated with blockbuster pharmaceutical sales status.

Identifying future direction of industry growth opportunities in these spaces can be challenging.

This report characterizes the opportunity in the GPCR and Ion Channel spaces with respect to the following metrics: Technologies for interrogation, Major Products on the market, Vendors in the space, Market opportunity, size, and growth (both qualitative and quantitative).

This report draws upon a proprietary end-user survey to assess both the qualitative and quantitative market opportunity in the GPCRs and Ion Channels spaces.

The raw data and annotations of these data are presented in this industry report and provide a snapshot into the direction of this market.

This report also includes a SWOT analysis of the key market participants, which serves to complement the qualitative and quantitative analysis by offering a glimpse into the scope of opportunity in various niches.

Buy this report and:

- Identify qualitative trends-market drivers, market challenges, bottlenecks, opportunities-in the GPCRs and Ion Channels market segments

- Examine thorough quantitative analysis: market size, market shares of the various companies/technologies, and a cost per assay point, screening metrics

- Gain insight into growth opportunities for tools developers to develop reagents, technologies, hardware/instrumentation to address the growth in the GPCR and Ion Channels spaces

Key Topics Covered Include:

- Snapshot of the Current GPCR Space

- Market Analysis of Ion Channels

- G Protein-coupled Receptors: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Analyses

- Ion Channels: Classification & Structure Technologies for Interrogation

- G Protein-coupled Receptors: Classification & Structure Receptor-mediated Signaling Technologies for Interrogation

- GPCR and Ion Channel Classes: An End-user Survey of Growth Opportunities, Market Trends, and Quantitative Analyses

Further Information: http://www.researchandmarkets.com/