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MultiSynTech is offering Products for combinatorial Chemistry and automated Synthesis. Our synthesizer are used for paralell synthesis on soild support and for chemistry in solution as well. The multiple, fully automated Organic Synthesizer Syro, the semiautomated Synthesizer SAS and the automated Washer AWS are used by our customers in a wide range of Organic Chemistry, Medicinial Chemistry and University-Research for the synthesis of Librarys of Small-Molecules and for Synthesis of Peptide-Librarys.

For applications like screening, large numbers of peptides are needed but only in small amounts around 1 – 5 µmol. In order to optimize the synthesis time, chemical costs and the analysis time, we have developed the “Tip Synthesis” system.

We have also built up a palette of peptide reagents that offer our customers qualitative as well as economic advantages.

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