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Isco CombiFlash® separation systems provide rapid, automated purification of organic compounds. The new Companion® XL high-capacity, automated flash system purifies samples up to 150 grams with full automation. It can be controlled from anywhere, using the browser-based user interface via a company’s intranet or commonly available wireless technology. The CombiFlash Companion® 4x personal organic purification system offers benchtop automation with its Palm® powered interface control. CombiFlash OptiX 10 separates ten samples in parallel with on-line UV detection and customizable gradients on all channels. CombiFlash Sq16x sequentially purifies up to 16 samples with computer-controlled automation, variable UV-vis detection, and peak-based fraction collection. Disposable RediSep® columns offer fast, reproducible separations for sample loads from 20mg to 33 grams. New glass-backed, pre-coated RediSep® TLC Plates exactly match the media used in our pre-packed high productivity columns to provide confidence and increased reproducibility for method development in Flash purification of organic compounds.

The Teledyne Isco Chromatography product line includes instruments and accessories for purification of organic compounds in normal-phase and reversed phase separations, and for bio-purification of proteins, peptides, and other biopolymers.

Further Information: http://www.isco.com/

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