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23 Alexandra Matrosova Street
01103 Kiev

Tel: +380 44 537 32 18
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At present "Enamine" has the largest collection of original chemical substances in Ukraine. "Enamine" has the unique database of available compounds and virtual database. The available collection contains more than 300 000 original compounds. The virtual database is over 2 500 000 compounds. Enamine also provides Targeted libraries, hit to lead optimization, custom synthesis and scientific research programs.

Also on offer is a set of conformationally rigid proline analogues. This amino acid is frequently found in peptide b-turns, which play an important role in peptide receptor recognition and antigen determination and it is highly probable that the bioisosteric replacement of proline analogues for proline in the known biologically active peptides/drugs may lead to new potential drug candidates.

A wide range of products in up to kilogram quantities can be produced at customer request. The well-equipped laboratories, and experienced personnel, are able to complete the most challenging of multi-step syntheses.

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