Thermo Delivers Enhancements to GRAMS Spectroscopy Software

Date Posted: Monday, September 11, 2006

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Thermo Electron Corporation has introduced GRAMS 8.0, a comprehensive update of the company’s multi-vendor spectroscopy software solution.

GRAMS is relied on by spectroscopists worldwide for visualizing, processing and managing data from FT-IR, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, NMR and hyphenated instruments manufactured by multiple vendors.

It interfaces with 150 instruments, including Thermo’s spectroscopy and chromatography products.

Version 8 is designed to enhance GRAMS’ workgroup and enterprise connectivity via a full client/server update to Spectral DB, and features the Web-enabled Envision viewing and reporting tool.

Spectral DB’s integration with Oracle and SQL Server provides an analytical data management system that is scalable from individual users to entire organizations.

Capable of storing analytical data and chemical metadata, the Spectral DB transforms an organization’s ability to organize, search and share its scientific information.

GRAMS Envision introduces Microsoft® .Net technology to the GRAMS suite, and allows scientists to find, view, manipulate and report analytical data stored in many of the popular formats.

Using XML-enhanced ‘Smart Convert’ technology, Envision adds support for 20 new data formats. 

This allows scientists to work with ‘live’ spectral data on their desktops rather that relying on static snapshots or purchasing multiple workstation licenses from several vendors.

"The addition of Envision provides a modern, standards-based platform for the integration of GRAMS instrument technology with eLN, LIMS, and desktop applications," said David Joyce, GRAMS product manager.

Dave Champagne, vice president and general manager of Thermo’s informatics business added, "This update to the hugely popular GRAMS suite reinforces our commitment to this award-winning solution."

"We are particularly excited about the introduction of Microsoft .Net technology, which is in line with the direction we are taking with our market-leading LIMS products."

"This will provide customers with a broad suite of interoperable informatics solutions built on a common platform, greatly reducing complexity, risk, and overall cost of ownership."

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