Mettler Toledo Announces Solution for Portable USP Conductivity Measurements

Date Posted: Thursday, September 07, 2006

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Mettler Toledo has introduced a portable kit for USP conductivity measurements. The SG7USP portable conductivity meter is a complete kit that combines the SG7 SevenGo Pro™ Portable conductivity meter, an InLab®740 USP probe and the accessories ideal for measuring USP conductivity samples in the field or in the laboratory.

The SG7 conductivity meter features a large data memory for detailed GLP protocols and an infrared interface for data transfer to a printer or PC.

Bright backlighting as well as a multitude of additional parameter-specific functions complete the SG7.

The InLab®740 conductivity probe is a stainless steel two-pole conductivity cell with integrated temperature sensor for low conductivity measurement with a nominal cell constant: 0.08 /cm.

The cell constant is designed to ensure accurate measurement down to the lowest USP conductivity readings for WFI and purified water and the built-in thermistor allow accurate temperature measurements between 0 and 70ºC.

The optional glass flow-through cell helps to obtain representative samples by passing a stream of sample over the conductivity of the cell.

"These meters are a great addition to our offering because they specifically address the most common applications in these laboratories," offers Instrument Market Manager, George McLean.

"The SG7USP is the perfect meter/probe combination for portable measurement of the extremely low conductivities of purified water."

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