Syrris Launches FRX Systems for Flow Chemistry

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Syrris have announced the introduction of their flow chemistry experimental system called FRX.

The FRX flow chemistry systems are modular, allowing chemists to select the system that best meets their individual needs, and can be upgraded to meet changing demands.

The FRX product range is based on work pioneered by Prof Steven Ley of the University of Cambridge and his team.

The four FRX systems, 100, 200, 300 & 400, span a range of functionalities and offer manual mode operation from the instrument front panel. Systems also allow both a solid and solution phase chemistry.

Furthermore, high-pressure capabilities permit the super heating of solvents and further increase reaction speed.

Modularity is designed to provide flexibility and integration of units for increased reaction steps or complex set-ups when required. Both the wide flow range pump and reaction heating systems allow multiple reaction conditions to be run.

Additionally, analysis can be undertaken throughout the reaction by manually diverting a small quantity of the reaction product for testing.

The FRX systems range from the more basic 100, designed for initial flow chemistry work using a larger volume tube reactor, and the 200 with a microreactor and solid phase column - to the complex 300 and 400 for multi-step chemistry and more sophisticated set ups.

Both the FRX 300 and 400 incorporate an FRX Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction module (FLLEX).

The FLLEX facilitates compound purification and separation post reaction, which once separated can be passed for collection, analysis or further reaction.

In addition to small scale optimisations, the high end FRX 400 can also allow reaction cooling and be used with solid supported chemistries.

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