Mettler Toledo Launches One Click Titration™

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Mettler Toledo has announced the launch of One Click Titration™. The user management system is designed to allow individual settings for up to 30 users, including personalised home screens with short cuts to start manual or automated processes with a single keystroke.

Due to the One Click’s plug and play functionality, peripherals such as burettes, burette drives, sample changers and balances are automatically recognised and configured on connection for immediate use.

Secure titration is provided by monitoring of titrants, sensors, standards and blank values as well as automatic verification of peripherals before analysis starts. Password protection and specific user rights guarantee data security by minimising errors.

There are three models in the range. The T50 is a titrator for repeated routine analyses with a focus on performance and results.

The T70 is an expandable instrument which is adaptable to current and future needs, while the T90 is ideal for users who want flexibility in method development for complex analyses and automation tasks.

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