Evotec Acquires Global all Product ChemAxon License

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Evotec AG and ChemAxon have announced Evotec’s licensing of ChemAxon's complete product line, the implementation of selected ChemAxon toolkits and ongoing works to roll out further capabilities across Evotec's informatics network.

Through the acquisition of ChemAxon's JChem platform, Evotec has built applications enabling it’s scientists to perform and share key drug discovery and optimisation processes across all facilities, directly from their workbench.

"Evotec are heavy users of Chemaxon’s JChem products, and have integrated them into many of the advanced drug discovery software tools that we have developed internally," said Alistair Sedwell, IT Applications Team Leader, Evotec (UK) Ltd.

"JChem tools allow us to develop highly intuitive desktop software available to all our scientists."

"The close working relationship with ChemAxon has been invaluable during our application development work."

"Working with Evotec has been rewarding and has enabled us to support all of our clients with more relevant, accurate and powerful functionalities. We enjoy and look forward to continuing this collaboration," commented Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO of ChemAxon.

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