Dalton Pharma Launches Expanded Medicinal Chemistry Services

Date Posted: Monday, September 04, 2006

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Dalton Pharma Services has announced the formation of Dalton Medicinal Chemistry Partners, a joint venture with Dr. Judd Berman.

The joint venture now offers expanded, mechanism based medicinal chemistry services to companies involved in drug discovery.

"Judd's broad experience and proven abilities in drug discovery using medicinal chemistry, as well as his extensive track record in identification and optimization of high quality lead compounds, combined with Dalton's 20 year history of success in drug development, creates a powerful combination," said Peter Pekos, President and CEO of Dalton Pharma Services.

"Taking full advantage of our state of the art facilities, this new venture makes significant additional scientific and managerial expertise available to our clients and augments Dalton's ability to identify and deliver promising small molecules quickly for our partners' programs," stated Pekos.

Prior to joining forces in this endeavor with Dalton, Dr. Berman has played a leadership role in the identification and advancement of development candidates both in Big Pharma and Biotech environments.

He held positions of increasing responsibilities with Merrell Dow, Glaxo, GlaxoWellcome, GSK and most recently Affinium Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Berman said, "I am delighted to be working with the talented team at Dalton Pharma Services."

"Peter has established strong working relationships with clients and I look forward to adding value to these as well as establishing selected new relationships aimed at the advancement of novel chemical entities for development. Our focus is delivering high quality medicinal chemistry."

With this alliance, Dalton continues to build on its focused team of expert drug discovery specialists with strong project management skills to expand its clients' product pipelines.

Added Pekos, "We are very pleased to have Judd join us at such an important time in our development and are confident he will be a valuable asset to Dalton as we continue to accelerate our clients' drug discovery programs."

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