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Wyatt Launches new-Look Website

Date Posted: Monday, September 04, 2006

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Wyatt Technology Corporation has unveiled a completely reworked website located at www.wyatt.com. With the website, the company is facilitating the knowledge of light scattering for the masses.

Wyatt’s instruments are used by chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, academic and government laboratories around the world and the new site is designed to provide a complete overview of the company’s product range.

In addition, the site offers access to an extensive database of light scattering publications.

Within the site, visitors can also view the latest company news, upcoming industry events (like the 17th Annual International Light Scattering Colloquium, which takes place October 16-17, 2006), the history of Wyatt and its products, profiles of the 15+ PhDs on the scientific team and copious detail of the theory underlying the company’s technologies.

The website presents Wyatt’s hardware and software products in conjunction with an online support centre.

This allows users to renew service agreements, receive remote assistance from specialist staff and download service histories, troubleshooting guides, tutorials etc.

Also available on the website is Wyatt’s online bibliography, which currently contains over 2600 peer-reviewed articles based on work using Wyatt Instruments.

Geofrey K. Wyatt, President of the Wyatt Technology, comments, "Our new website is an excellent focal point for established customers and potential customers."

"Whether the customer wishes to receive a simple guide to buying their first light scattering instrument or whether they need to know the complexities of thermal dissociation in a DynaPro, this website can help them."

Further Information: http://www.wyatt.com

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