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Mining, Mapping and Micro arrays

Date Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Microarray technology is becoming the most widely applied in biological and clinical studies for simultaneous monitoring of gene expression in thousands of genes. Gene clustering analysis is found useful for discovering groups of correlated genes potentially co-regulated or associated to disease or therapeutics investigation. Many clustering methods including hierarchical clustering, K-means, PAM, SOM, mixture model-based clustering, and tight clustering have been widely covered in the literature but as yet no comprehensive comparative study has been performed to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods as a whole.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to join a growing specialist biotech company developing the next generation of cancer diagnostic tools and analysis services designed to significantly enhance treatment for patients. Using micro array based expression-profiling platforms to define molecular signatures to ultimately predict response to chemotherapy. This growing company is already providing specialist tailored services to both the research and pharmaceutical industry.

SNPology and Genomics techniques are now helping us to understand how alterations in the expression of the human genes can lead to the development of better drugs.

You will be involved in important experimental design and expression data analysis, management of significant projects. Data analysis is customised to the client’s specific requirements and can include gene centric querying, gene ontology's and pathways. More senior candidates will be required to work closely with executive directors and keep up to date with relevant scientific ideas and literature relating to this rapidly advancing field of technology and research.

Making better sense of the data and developing therapeutics and new drugs that might have seemed impossible just a few years ago. Scientists are moved into a new age where analysis has become more complex replying upon advanced mathematical / statistical, imaging methods, software applications and bio conductor tools such as Affymetrix, S + / R, SAS, SPSS, Matlab, Rosetta, and more. It's a "mine field", perhaps that's why we talk about data mining? We realise there are many unsung heroes in this fast moving world of discovery science but many of us are inspired by those have been recognised for their pioneering work and achievements since the completion of the genome.

If you are a biostatistician or bioinformatician with a keen interest in micro array data analysis or therapeutic biotechnology we can offer you the opportunity to become a recognised pioneer with a company who are set to make a huge impact on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical market with their novel approach and state of the art systems. If annotation, clustering, normalization or molecular pathways are every day terms in you vocabulary we would like the opportunity to add a few more exciting ones for you to expand your grey cells with.

We have positions for both very senior and less experienced scientists with a strong understanding of microbiology, bio informatics, bio-analysis, genetics, and or biostatistics.

If you really want to find your way to discovering a new “seam” at the coalface of expression analysis we would like to help you get there!

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