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Medical Device Electronics Engineer

Date Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Medical Device Electronics Engineers to design life saving technology, source and implement optimum production equipment, processes and facilities for the manufacture or a new generation of bio-medical Real-time devices / micro analysers to measure blood gases, electrolyte, plasma levels, blood chemistry, metabolites, drugs and disease markers on a single silicon chip. These products enable doctors and medical staff to continuously monitor changing conditions in patients receiving biologicals, therapeutic or chemo related treatment. Manage several lifecycle projects through prototype and development to final testing and packaging working within ISO 13485 guidelines, provide advise to product development group on process improvement, DFMA, inclusive design, surface mount technology, soldering, interconnection, bare chip handling, testing, mixed signal ASIC, design, EMC / approvals, assembly, validation and acceptance testing. Based near Cambridge, ideally you should have relevant experience from the medical device or healthcare instruments industry and have “hands on” skills in some of or all the following : CAD of electronic circuits, nanotechnology, micro-electronics, control systems, automation, instrumentation, electronics. We are offering both junior and senior career opportunities with excellent salary and benefits. Intensive care medicine is now embracing these scientific breakthroughs in engineering. Call now to join the new medical sensors and lab on chip revolution!

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