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HT250D Duet: Headspace and Liquid Autosampler in one Unit

Date Posted: Friday, August 11, 2006

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The HT250D Duet is the newest addition to the HTA range of autosamplers.  This product is a single unit with a dual function.  It can perform both static headspace analysis and liquid sample injection, at a price not much more than the HT200H headspace unit alone. 
With the HT250D there is no longer any need for two different autosamplers as it effectively combines the operation and performance of the HT200H Headspace autosampler with the HT300A Liquid autosampler in a single unit. 

Valuable bench space is saved too as the unit will sit neatly on top of the GC.  Converting from headspace to liquid operation is really simple.  Just one tool is required for the conversion which takes around 5 minutes to complete with the autosampler in situ.
The HT250D is compatible with most GC and GC/MS systems.  

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