Broadening Chemistry Process Screening Horizons

Date Posted: Friday, August 11, 2006

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Optimization of chemical reactions can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Typically development reactions are run at a 10% dilution level in about 100 ml of solvent, consuming approximately 10g of starting material.

Recently, the use of smaller reaction vessels combined with automated workstations has meant that more thorough process investigations can be carried out without increasing the demand for starting material.

According to Anachem, the ReactArray is now recognized as the industry standard for process screening and optimization.

The benefits of learning more about your chemistry faster have led to the demand for a reaction block that supports a larger number of small volume reactors.

The ReactArray team in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Industry has developing the Microvate Reaction Rack to fulfill this need. This rack provides 48 reaction vessels with a volume capacity of 250l to 2ml.

These vessels are arranged in 12 independent temperature zones (-30 to 150 C) with controlled temperature ramping, to increase the flexibility of the system.

A reflux and inerting manifold is also available for broad chemistry scope. The racks are fully supported by ReactArray software.

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