Aureus Pharma releases AurSCOPE® Kinase Knowledge Database

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Aureus Pharma has released AurSCOPE® Kinase Knowledge database. This knowledge database has already been licensed by several life science companies.

AurSCOPE Kinase contains biological activity data mined from scientific journals and patents. It contains up to date data including all published chemical structure activity relationships concerning kinase-ligand interactions.

It is a complementary addition to the Aureus Pharma knowledge management product portfolio focusing on various target classes.

Aureus also offers drug target knowledgebases for G-Protein Coupled receptor (GPCR) and ion channels as well as pharmaceutical safety based knowledgebases for ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG channel.

"The AurSCOPE Kinase Knowledgebase will be a valuable resource for the pharmaceutical industry," said Dr. André Michel, Aureus Pharma's CEO. "It offers researchers the functionality to improve and accelerate lead discovery and optimization tasks involved in the drug discovery process".

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